There is a lot to do in the Morvan in Burgundy!
From the beautiful clean lakes to countless enjoyable walks and cycling routes.

The old towns and the picturesque villages with their markets, the museums ...
everything is at your fingertips. We can help you plan and make suggestions of places we can highly recommend for you.

Hikers, who visit Burgundy, can visit the most beautiful part of the region, the centre of the Regional Park of the Morvan. The area is sparsely populated, calm, quiet and deserted. The Morvan Park offers the visitor 1,500 kilometers of hiking trails and walking routes.


The Morvan has a rich history. For years this area was inhabited by Celts and Romans.  And that has left its mark.



In addition to the regular weekly markets, our area also features many flea markets in the high season.


We have beautiful towns and cities in the area that are more than worth visiting.  Autun, Beaune and Dijon are wonderful destinations for a day of visiting and browsing around.


Burgundy is famous for its art of the table! Here you can eat and drink at your hearts’ delight. The vineyards of Couches are around the corner.